Korea Traditional Wedding

We sincerely welcome you to Uhhyeongung, the Royal Palace Hall.
We introduce traditional wedding reservation and user guides.


The traditional wedding reception and reservation is available from Tuesday to Sunday (09:00 ~ 18:00).
Reservation and Information TEL: 02) 766 - 9090

Korean Traditional Wedding Synopsis
  • Period : Apr – Nov 2021 (Excluding July and August)
  • Time : SAT&SUN 11:00 / 13:00 / 15:00
  • Duration time : 30 mins
  • Venue : Norak-dang
  • Cost : 1,000,000 won (Including VAT)


traditional wedding dress rental

  • Bridegroom : official customs, official hat, cotton(shoes)
  • Bride : Bow cloth, ceremonial coronet, pigtail ribbon
    (※shoes are excluded. If you want, prepare yourself)
  • Gireokaboem : Jeogori, pants, korean traditional hat, taesahye(shoes)
  • Marriage ceremony : ice cake, dried persimmon, chestnut, jujube, bean, refined rice wine sake, candle (blue, red)
  • Wedding outfit goods : guest book (bridegroom, bride each 1 book), envelope, pen

Additional cost(optional)
  • Additional cost(optional) : Congratulatory gift, performance and souvenir, etc.,
구분 상세 내용 비용
Congratulatory gift

Traditional ceremony and cost(Food is prepared separately)

  • Samulnori performance (4 people)
  • Korean classical performance (4 people)
  • Pansori and folk song (1 person)
  • 600,000won
  • 600,000won
  • 200,000won
  • Change Wedding Clothes
  • sranskirt
  • 150,000won
  • 100,000won

  • Traditional wedding cloth of bridegroom and bride
  • Reception and parking lot
  • photo and movie photograph
  • hair and makeup

How to book
Confirmation of

Confirmation of wedding information, reservation status

Booking Schedule

Check schedule and reserve

Visiting and Counseling

Detailed information and consultation (wedding parties only)

Write a contract

Make a contract and pay a deposit (wedding parties only)

- Consultation and contract through representative is possible only if you live overseas

- Representative should be related as immediate family

- Representative should bring documents and ID card that can prove the relationship between the party and representative

Reservation and application
  1. Making consultation and contract after booking the time of visit (consultation may be restricted if you visit before booking)
  2. The contract should be made by the wedding party (representative is unavailable)
  3. Only if you live overseas, the representative will be able to visit and consult(only immediate relative; the documents and ID card verifying the relationship between the party and representative is necessary)

Contact us
  • Open on Tuesdays and Sundays
  • Tel : 02-766-9090
  • E-mail : help@unhyeongung.or.kr