Guide of Photograph/location use

We sincerely welcome you to Unhyeongung, the Royal Palace Hall.

Paid Photograph Guide

Permission on photograph and location use
  • Contact the Seoul City Hall Historical Cultural Properties Department (02-2133-2644)
  • The management office does not take care of permission on Unhyeongung photograph and location use
  • It is not possible to go to Unhyeongung on the closed days
Contents Basic rate Excess charge
Korean movie, advertisement video,
TV and drama

200,000 won within 2 hours

50,000 won per 1 hour

Cultural movie,
TV and VTR shooting except drama

100,000 won within 2 hours

30,000 won per 1 hour

Advertisement video, magazine,
photograph for publication

20,000 won per 1 hour and 1 model

10,000 won per 1 hour, 10,000 won per 1 model

Photograph charge and exemption for location use

  • Movies produced for student or other public purposes
  • TV and video for the purpose of current events and news reporting

※ In case of exemption, submit the required documents (e.g., recommendation letter from the head of department)

Guide of photograph and location use
  1. Confirmation of application procedure : Application procedure, application method, confirmation of required documents
  2. Preliminary Review : contact Unhyeongung Management Office to check location use availability (☎02-766-9090)
  3. Application and Reception
    • Applying for a photograph permission on online[ click here ]

      ※ You need to verify your identity, therefore an official certificate is required.

      ※ Please scan the required documents (shooting scenarios, shooting plan, etc.) and prepare attachments.

      ※ After payment of the fee, you can get your license online.

    • Visit and apply for shooting and location use :
      Apply directly to the Civil Service Office on the first floor of Citizen's Office, Seoul City Hall with the following documents in accordance with the 「Enforcement Regulations of the Seoul Metropolitan Government Cultural Assets Protection Ordinance」.
  4. Required documents
    • Application form for permission to use the cultural properties of Seoul Metropolitan Government
    • Each 1 photographing scenario and shooting plan
    • 1 copy of the safety protection measures for the cultural properties and the attached facilities and surrounding trees
    • 1 copy of cultural property preservation compliance certificate
    • 1 copy of applicant identification card

※ No format is provided for 'photograph scenarios and shooting plans' and 'safety measures for shooting cultural properties, the attached facilities and surrounding trees’

Approval conditions
  • Submit an application form of photograph and location use in accordance with the required conditions
  • Pay the fee by the day before the shooting in accordance with the payment of the fee for use of the shared property

Procedure of permission for location use
step 01
Confirmation of applications

Application procedure, application method,
confirmation of required documents (online)

step 02
Preliminary Review

Check availability (E-mail, telephone)

step 03 - A
Application and Reception

Application form, other required documents (visiting, e-mail)
- Sending through a person

step 03 - B
Application and Reception

Application, other required documents ※ Certificate is required (online application)
- Contact email notification

step 04

Inform of permission fee, complaint, etc. after
examining application
(Email, fax, online complaint) - Email / Fax delivery

step 05

Before use, payment of fee, photograph, use of location