Guide of Photograph/location use

We sincerely welcome you to Unhyeongung, the Royal Palace Hall.

Free Photograph Guide

Commemorative photograph range

wedding photo, first birthday photo, family photo, group photo or in case that photographer and photo agency wants to use for other purposes.

Photograph application method (From January 1, 2019)
  • Photograph available time and permission time : 09:30 ~ 17:30 / within 1 hour
    • weekdays - within 5 days per day
    • Weekends and holidays - Within 10 applications per day (within 5 applications each morning and afternoon)
  • Restricted area of photograph
    • Weekdays - the whole area excluding the restricted area
    • Weekends and holidays - Only the front yard can be photographed (throughout the year)
  • How to apply : send an application form via e-mail before 3~5 days of the photograph day / Same company (including private) Limited to 1 application per day

Photograph information

CCTV is always turned on

  • Prohibit photograph on buildings and flower garden and keep photograph time
  • Do not shoot inside the railway railing of Noan-dang
  • Do not change your cloth (including disabled toilet)
  • Do not use bubbles, sounding toys nor raise your voice louds
  • Do not move fire extinguisher and guide signs
  • In case of repeated violation, prohibition period of photograph will be increased, Do not eat nor disturb visitors. (Avoid violation of pledge, etc.)

※ Please keep the regulations. If you violate the regulations over 3 times, the sanctions will be imposed according to prohibition of photograph in violation of Article 29 (2) of the Seoul Metropolitan Council of Cultural Properties Protection.