Hours of Operation
     ㆍ April-October: 09:00-19:00; entrance available until 18:30
     ㆍ November-March: 09:00-18:00; entrance available until 17:30
         ※ Closed every Monday, except holiday Mondays.

Admission Fees: free of charge
Use fee
    ㆍ Unhyeongung charges the following filming and photography events for profit.


Basic Fee

Fee after certain hours

Feature film, commercials,
TV dramas

200,000 won within two hours

50,000 won per hour

Culture film and non-drama TV
program or VTR footage

100,000 won within two hours

30,000 won per hour

Photo shoots for commercials
or magazines

20,000 won within one hour
and one model

10,000 won per hour
10,000 won per model

Information on facility use

Contact the History & Cultural Heritage Division-> Fill out an Application Form -> Submit the Application -> Receive Approval -> Pay Fees -> Filming & Use of the Location

    ㆍ Approval for the use of Unhyeongung is not given by the management office of Unhyeongung.

    ㆍ For the application of filming (apply at least a week before the intended filming date) and location use (apply at least 15 days to 30 days before the intended use date), please contact the staff of the History & Cultural Heritage Division of Seoul City and fill out the [Cultural Property Protection Adherence Pledge Form], [Cultural Property Filming Approval Application Form], and [Cultural Property Facility Use Approval Application Form] and submit them to the Civil Complaints Office of Seoul City. Once approved, applicants must pay the [Facility Use Fees] and proceed accordingly.

    ㆍ Fees for overtime are required to be paid to the management office of Unhyeongung in cash or to the
     culture department of the City of Seoul.

    ㆍ Information on Fee Exemption:
          - Tourist photo shoot
          - Student educational purposes: homework or assignment

    ㆍ Even if fees are exempted, the intended user must submit both the list of names of those participating in the filming and a filming plan for the application of filming, and both the list of names of users and a facility use plan for the application of facility use.

    ㆍ For student education, an instructor or a teacher using the site for his or her class must receive prior
    ㆍClosed Mondays.

    ㆍ Information 
          - Cultural Asset Division, City of Seoul: 82+2-2133-2631